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Each year nearly 12,500 people (youth, men and women) are released from Kenyan prisons. These people return to their communities in need of the basics such as housing, jobs, and generally a receptive community, but their prospects are usually very bleak.


We have a solid rehabilitation program that can help released inmates reintegrate into society as productive members.

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Rebuild Ties

RPP helps build bridge between released inmates and their their families right from the time they are in prison.

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Equal Opportunity

We try to create equality for everyone so as allow them to engage in development for themselves, their families and contribute towards nation building.

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What we do

RPP has been involved in various projects through partnerships with other organisations with similar objectives.

Penal Reforms

A person does not lose their humanity by virtue of being a prisoner.

Community Mobilisation

Meeting the interests of the whole community.

Community-based Research

Positive social change through the use of multiple knowledge sources.

Human Rights

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Civic Education

Promoting understanding of the ideals of democracy and a reasoned commitment to the values and principles of democracy.

Prisoners’ Rights

As a means to ensure that inmates are not mistreated, our programmes enable inmates bring their legitimate complaints to court.

Impacting The Society Positively

The long term effects of our work are felt when we address social issues through positive social change for socio-economic development.

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